Welcome to our new blog!

The name of the blog was inspired by one of our favorite mystery related periodicals, The Armchair Detective.  (We actually tried to find the owner of the copyright and buy its use and content rights, to no avail!)

Like so many other things, the world of reading and collecting has changed since TAD was first published.  From the time we built our first Heathkit Zenith PC in 1981, technology has radically transformed much of the world - including the world of publishing, bookselling, and book collecting.  It's easier than ever before to find that elusive title - but the shift has come at a price:  its no longer possible to be sure you're getting what you're paying for.  Condition descriptions are inconsistent at best, and are frequently prepared by people who have no passion for or understanding of the needs and desires of collectors.  Thus our business...

And thus The Wired Detective was born.  We try to use the best of modern technology with the best of the mystery reading and collecting tradition.  We will reviews of what we're reading, comment on market developments we find interesting, and note authors, events and news that our customers would value.

Your comments are also welcome!


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