Services for Bibliophiles

As readers and collectors, we identified a variety of services which we felt were not readily available. We wanted to know:

-  what is new and intriguing - newly published authors, authors worth reading from around the world;

-  trends in scholarship (reference and literary criticism) about our genres;

-  trends in collection values (auctions, internet – based exchange); 

-  new limited and signed editions of the books we love; and

-  small and independent press publishing (both US and Europe).

We provide our clientele these services by understanding each client’s specific interests and collections development needs and budgets, and by proactively acquiring the books (signed firsts a specialty, including PBOs), creating and maintaining the collection catalog, appraisal updating for insurance needs, and (when desired) finding a new home for the collection through outright purchase, brokerage to others or auction houses.